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We introduce ourselves as a leading provider of gas solutions in the region with a prominent track record serving the domestic and international market installation and maintenance of central LPG systems, central gas tank filling and virtually anything related to the gas industry making us the one stop provider for all your gas needs. We are committed to work as per the UAE government regulations and international safety standards so as to ensure safety to the customer property and personnel's.
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Our Services

LPG Bulk Supplies

LPG Bulk SuppliesYour Property in Good Hands.

The core business of our company and group itself is trading and distribution of LPG gas in the emirate of Dubai. For more than couple of decades gas has been our business, and we have been successful in keeping pace with fast growth of the emirate.

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LPG Exporting

LPG ExportingProcess Organized.

LPG has been a preferred fuel not only in the region but to other developing regions like the Africa and Asian countries. We operate a fleet of ISO Containers to export LPG to many government and private customers across the world.

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Central Gas System

Central Gas SystemDesign & Installation.

A central gas system is a method of distribution of LPG fuel from a central storage tank to one or more points of use. The choice of components in the system will be determined by the load requirements and nature of the installation.

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Gas Detection System

Gas Detection System-CalibrationSystem-Calibration.

Service and Calibration division are uniquely positioned to provide rapid deployment of gas detection equipment to meet clients' most demanding contract demands. A dedicated team of service professionals complement our impressive asset base.

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Annual Maintenance Contract

Annual Maintenance ContractMaintenance Service.

LPG fuel is an essential fuel for many of the business operations and any failure in the supply will have a direct impact or loss in the business. It is essential for all LPG customers to subscribe for annual maintenance contract (AMC) of the LPG system.

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Our Company is trusted by many hotels, catering providers, resturants, labour camps and kitchens.


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